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There is an overload of thoughts and emotions in the brain and heart tonight. I think it may be that way for several more weeks. I’ll be rather quiet and introspective for awhile. So rather than even begin to try to make it coherent, I’ll let what I received in court today from Their Majesties explain it.

“Unto all gentles, nobles and commons, do We, Rowan and Logan, Queen and King of fair Atlantia give good greetings. Right mindful of the long-standing service rendered unto our Kingdom and our Society by our gracious subject Baroness Sunniva Kyrre, and knowing the estate to which this service has lead her, We do here command her, nor is she to omit to do so, to present herself before us at Dun Carraig’s Day in the Middle East . There must she give answer to us as the whether she will accept the rights and responsibilities inherent in our most noble Order of the Pelican.

Done by our will and our hand, by the word of our Peers and by writ of privy seal, at this 72nd session of the University of Atlantia, held in our Shire of Berley Cort, on this 2nd day of February, A.S. XLII. Thus say we Rowan Regina , Logan Rex.

Nov. 30th, 2007


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Nov. 30th, 2007

Giggling. Well, the family has met Turgeis. There are times I would like a new SCA and Atlantia. Going to Redhawk would sorta be like zen training. And T knows how I feel about Puckeater. And well I guess if I paid the ogre on time he wold stop screaming.

In 2008, sunniva_kyrre resolves to...
Tell my family about turgeiss.
Apply for a new sca.
Go to the redhawk5003s every month.
Admit my true feelings to puck_eater.
Find a new atlantia.
Pay for my screamingogres on time.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Christmas memes aplenty

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Now where did I put my cup of Cheer?

Nov. 27th, 2007

Where to start?

This month has not been the greatest. Not the worst but definitely not the greatest. You know sometimes gently leading a drama llama by the rope works.

My family visit was Ok. Quick drive-by visits to 2 of the brothers. Then at Mom and Dad’s for the visit with brother 3 and sis. It is time spent with a smile locked in place and teeth gritted to keep what I really want to say from exploding out and telling them all off. Buttons repeatedly pushed. Dad kept telling me how everything is ready for when he passes and that he does not feel like he will see another holiday. I reminded him that we are coming back in May and that I expected to see him there.

Mom and I were OK. She didn’t want any help so everything was met with ”No , that’s Ok, I’ll just do this.” I got so frustrated at one point that I asked her “Should I just stop making suggestions because you are saying no to everything I say.” The rare time she changed her mind was about 2 hours after a suggestion to let me drive them to some stores and get their Christmas shopping done, so that they would not have to drive after Thanksgiving. She asked me to take her to a store. We got all their shopping done in one trip. About wore out the mantra –“I love my family”.

Thomas got his cast off and just needs to exercise it some. Will see at the end of the week how he feels. Today is both kids to the dentist. Rachael has a loose tooth that I hope he pulls so we don’t have to do it.

Thomas is having a hard time with the concept of Christmas and the timing of how and when things happen.

Unevent. Will be there. I look forward to seeing some friends. Don’t look forward to some of the conversations that I know will happen.

Oh, BTW, Very few folks know my personal opinions. Even Hubby doesn’t know them all. If asked, I will probably tell you, if I feel comfortable talking to you about it. But never assume that you know me well enough to speak for me without at least talking to me first. If you hear something that doesn’t seem true, ask me.

After the dentist is Christmas tree shopping and getting some Holiday cheer in my mood.

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Sue's blue hole of solitude.

Ahhh… one of my favorite times this morning.

The kids are in school, husband at work. Errands and chores can wait about an hour. I have a cup of coffee and a relaxing breakfast.

Quiet calm with no demands. A moment to treasure before the brain engages and the planning for the day, for the holiday season, for our trip, for the SCA, for the weekend, etc. takes over.

Closing eyes now and just being.

reset button pushed

My rant is not so long. I had lunch with a friend, breathed some fresh crisp air. I reminded myself that I cannot fix everything. I cannot control what anyone does except myself. SO here is my advice to myself.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

I will try to be more courteous, more respectful, more pleasant, more giving, kinder, more thoughtful of others. I hope that I can encourage one other person to do the same.